Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Wonderful Performance by CSULB

Tonight, June 7th, The Bob Cole Conservatory Choir performed at the Martinic Palace at Prague Castle. The group, directed by Dr. Jonathan Talberg, performed in this medieval room by encircling the crowd, instead of singing at the front of the room like most traditional concerts. As a result, the sound was breathtaking, and the audience insisted on an encore song!

Students Virgil Rosales and Steven Berlanga were both invited to conduct songs this evening, and they both did a wonderful job!

After the concert, Incantato arranged a reception for the group in the courtyard of the Martinic Palace, where brats were grilled, cake was served, and the beer was flowing!

Following the reception, a boat was chartered especially for the group so that they could get one last look of Prague before they leave tomorrow morning for Germany.

Good-bye Prague!

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