Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CSULB Central Europe Tour Day 3: Tour of Bratislava

Today was a wonderful (although windy and rainy) tour of Bratislava, where the group got a first-hand view of the venue for tonight's concert, St. Martin's. Dr. Talberg was allowed to step inside St. Martin's, where he reported that the acoustics were great.

We are all looking forward to The Bob Cole Conservatory Choir's debut Incantato concert at 5 pm!


  1. Great picture!

    Somebody please get on the blog and tell us all about your experiences. Your fans at home want to know. (This is Kim Baker's mom, but I'm sure I speak for the other fans as well).

    Break a lung at your first concert!

  2. Dear Mrs. Woldseth, aside from our team member Tasha reporting live from the CSULB Tour you should soon read and hear from the students themselves as we had two volunteers for the Incantato student blogger scholarship, they just don't have much time to get online as we keep them busy. Next concert is already tomorrow and in Austria. Warmest Sandra