Monday, June 7, 2010

Good-Bye Czech Republic!

On June 9th, The Bob Cole Conservatory Choir said Na Shledanou (farewell) to the Czech Republic, but not before they were able to visit Northern Bohemia on their way to Germany.
Here, the students visited the music department at Usti nad Labem University, met the professors and even practiced with Dr. Riha.

After their warm-up, The Bob Cole Conservatory Choir was taken to Chlumec, where they were warmly welcomed by the mayor, also Dr. Riha (the son of the choral professor), who welcomed them with refreshments.

Then it was off to the church in Chulmec, where the group listened to a local young women's choir, under the direction of Dr. Vladimir Kuzelka, and followed it by a performance of their own!

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  1. This was such a treat to interact with schools and kids' choirs in the Czech Republic. I would have loved to hear and speak with the students from the university's choir, but I think we were there on the wrong day for that. We should do one of these exchanges at least once a tour and there should be a reception afterwards where we can mix with the natives and make friends.