Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CSULB Vlog #1 - Welcome to Europe!

Hello All! Dan Shanker your designated vlogger here (video-log for all you non-intertubes people). We had some technical difficulties with the video yesterday but we're now ready to begin presenting real life scenes from extremely fake people (just kidding!) This first installment covers our arrival in Europe and the subsequent jet-lag induced haze that followed.

Here is the bus ride into Bratislava (I hear that's where Dr. Doom lives!). Video graciously narrated by Alex Jordan.

Here I am putting all the choir members on the spot with a video camera in their face and an uncomfortable sinking feeling in their stomach as a result. Or maybe that was the food....

More to come soon including footage from our first concert in St. Martin's Cathedral in Bratislava. Thanks for watching and stay tuned!

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