Sunday, June 6, 2010

Home away from Home: Hotel Luník in Prague

The Hotel Luník - which hosts the CSULB singers in Prague - is a traditional middle category family-style hotel, which is situated in a peaceful part of the historical centre of Prague. In 1924 the apartment block was bought by Mrs. Marie Skrivanova and it was gradually converted into the Hotel Skrivan on five floors. During the Second World War ownership was transferred to her son Adolf Skrivan. In March 1948 the hotel was nationalized by the Communist government and the state took over ownership. Adolf Skrivan continued to live in the hotel with his family but as a tenant, not the owner. In 1962 the Skrivan family were forced to move out of the hotel. The hotel was owned by the state enterprise Prague 2 Hotels and Restaurants. In 1967 it was renamed as the Hotel Luník. In 1991 the Hotel Luník was returned in the restitution to the original owner, Adolf Skrivan, who passed it on to his daughter Milada Plzakova. In 1991 - 1992 the hotel was completely reconstructed. It was re-opened on 1st October 1992 and is run by a limited liability company. At the request of the original owner the hotel did not return to the name Skrivan and it continues to bear the name Luník.

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