Friday, June 4, 2010

CSULB Incantato Tour Day 5: Vienna here we come

While it is still rainy and kinda dark in Austria, the Bob Cole Conservatory from CSULB is having a marvelous time as they travel to Vienna today to spend the day touring this beautiful city, with Dr. Jonathan Talberg as their guide (per his request). They will see the Opera House, and visit the Mozart Museum well as Schubert's birth home. The group will then be able to spend time in the various parks and museums that Vienna has to offer.

Afterwards, they will travel to a winery near Goettweig for a special dinner that is being organized by Father Benjamin as a thank you for the outstanding concert last night! Money that was donated by the audience of the concert last night was presented to Dr. Jonathan Talberg and The Bob Cole Conservatory Choir, as sign of their appreciation! This money will be used to help fund the evening that was previously a free night.

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